My Testimony

Come Unto Christ

My Testimony - Come Unto Christ


Let’s stop electing politicians who lack any legitimate belief in God!

If you believe in the God of Abraham, speak up! We may all have a different understanding of how to conduct ourselves, but given we believe all good things come from God, including trials, obstacles and other opportunities for growth, let’s not allow ANY GodLESS man or woman to occupy any seat for which they purport to represent OUR best interests!!

Societal crimes, political corruption, corrupt foreign policies, crimes against humanity and all uncleanliness is directly tied to the moral degradation of family values and an obvious lack of respect for the Creator of all.

Man cannot build anything so powerful, nor impenetrable for the mighty hand of God. Serve God! Share your testimonies of all good things, or you will beg to be buried up in the sea and burn in hell!


Rich and Corrina

My baby brother PhD Physicist Richard and his wife Corrina, came by yesterday for a few hours.

It was awesome to see him for more than just a few seconds. Great conversation.

Personally, I am content with how advanced technology currently is, it is weird to think that the projects he is working on, or finishing up, won’t even be in our computers for another five years. Yeah, I brag about this kid, though I suppose age 32 is no longer a kid.

Watching Colt interact with his Aunt Corrina was funny. She built a house out of playing cards, and while Colt comfortably knocked down his parents’ card-houses, his hands swung over to Corrina’s, but then his uncertainty got the best of him and he pulled away, until she invited him to wreck her work. From then on, he showed off. Very difficult to parent when we have visitors, because we want to allow him some leeway and he knows it. We only had to send him to his room a couple times, even if we threatened it a couple hundred times.

Very proud of my brother and his accomplishments, one of those being finding a good woman to be his wife.

Giving Talks this Sunday

Last night, the Bishop called us and asked if we would talk in Sacrament Meeting this Sunday. Naturally, I said “of course! What topics would you like us to speak about?” He responded “Coming Unto Christ and Tithing.”

If you’ll notice my tag-line on this site, ‘Come Unto Christ.’


I asked Connie if I could speak about tithing and if she would deliver a message about ‘Coming Unto Christ.’ She allowed me my choice and we are both thrilled to be talking on Sunday.

Wilhelm Röntgen

On this day, in 1901, Wilhelm Röntgen was awarded the Nobel Prize as he developed and detected electromagnetic radiation in a wavelength range, in 1895. What we know to be x-rays.


Mr. Röntgen was denied acceptance to his first university of choice, lacking the proper credentials for entrance. He ended up attending another university.

I think there are many times throughout our lives that our plans get disrupted or we find ourselves taking what we think to be a less than ideal course. But, it is resistance that makes us stronger, opposition and obstacles triggers our internal drive to thrive and overcome. Like breathing, which requires a muscle to contract or relax, regulating the flow of oxygen according to our body’s needs. Breathing is done mostly without a second thought, unconsciously. But, if you can remember ever gasping for air, or holding your breath under water, you find yourself incredibly grateful for the functionality of this process. Without the lack of air, even momentarily, it isn’t difficult to appreciate what a blessing it is, in that moment.

What if Wilhelm Röntgen was granted access to his university of choice? Would he still have developed x-rays? How much less would we be advanced in December 2014, if it took him an extra 20 years to develop, because he had nothing fueling his fire to thrive, to succeed? How long might it have taken before someone else developed it? Twenty years? Ten years? Five years? A year? A few months? A week? Wow, if it had only taken a week, that wouldn’t have been so long… unless a person with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) needed a proper diagnosis and care. If Mr. Rontgen’s development occurred even five minutes later, I don’t know anyone who can hold their breath that long.

(My son taking his first breaths.)

My grandfather, one of the greatest men I have ever known, eerily gasped for his final breath and let out a lion’s roar. Fitting for a large man who was tough as nails, until his last day, climbing the stairs after his legs had given out, my tiny grandmother tugging to help him up with a rope, making it to the main level, just before the paramedics arrived. My grandparents did everything together, as a team. His life reached it’s final moment with a painful scream, that I felt almost 60 miles away.

One breath, is a moment of life.

God knows what He is doing! Put your trust in Him! Put forth your absolute best effort! The outcome will be amazing. Maybe Nobel Prize worthy, or even greater, worth writing down for your children’s children to discover! And, as we look back on the magnificent developments within humanity, science and educating our minds is essential to our survival. Everything working together proves the existence of an All-Knowing-Creator, whose love for this amazing work of art, we call ‘life,’ is beyond our understanding. But, if we stop at any moment through out any day and look at the world from a less self-centered perspective, we can see how beautiful it really is.

(Photo Credit Rex Biggers )

Beautiful Day

It might be cold, but Ben Lomond Mountain looks beautiful this morning.


The more grateful we are, the more beauty we see. Everyday God paints us such beautiful pictures.

We live in America, no matter how much corruption fills the news reports via TV, internet, papers and radio, we are still allowed free thought, free expression and the freedom to celebrate Holy Days, like Christmas!

Thank you God!